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THTR21001 Storytelling as Dramaturgy

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Students will explore the basis for understanding how storytelling in musical theatre is articulated through the principles of dramaturgy. Fundamental proposition of deriving and establishing `conflict┐ as the progenitorial basis for story arc is the starting point for further investigations into lead and supporting character creation, the trick of setting up `permissions┐; the use and development of subsidiary themes, the importance of milieu; the use of framing devices such as the `ticking┐ clock and the overarching implication of the three-act structure as formal design.

Students will be required to attend workshops in order to complete the requirements of the course.

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Career: Postgraduate
Credit points: 8
Requisites: This course has no pre/co-requisites
Student Contribution Band: 1
EFTSL: 0.16667
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