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ENEE13014 Machines, Drives & Control

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Students analyse and design systems and components of systems that convert electrical energy to mechanical and other forms of energy. They investigate and compare the construction of and operational characteristics of DC and AC electrical machines, analyse machine protection and control schemes and machine select and specify machines for particular applications. Students select and specify components and materials, and use of power electronics to optimise performance in energy conversion. They are required to show professional approaches to work in teams and learn collaboratively to manage and complete projects, they manage their own learning, and communicate professionally using discipline language to investigate, design and check work, and present designs and problem solutions.
Distance education (FLEX) students are required to have access to a computer, to make frequent use of the Internet, and are required to participate in Residential School activities.

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Career: Undergraduate
Credit points: 12
Requisites: (ENEG12002 Engineering Design or ENEG12006 Engineering Design & Management Implementation) and (ENEE12015 Electrical Power Engineering or ENEE 12004 Introduction to Power Systems)
Student Contribution Band: 2
EFTSL: 0.25000
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2012 Term One FLEX ROK
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