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ENAE12003 Control Technology

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This course introduces students to control systems. Students describe control systems using appropriate terminology and concepts. They use mathematical tools to model and analyse control systems, and develop algorithms for discrete process control. Students interpret control system responses to standard inputs to develop system evaluation criteria. They interpret continuous-time closed-loop system behaviour using time domain and frequency response methods, and design compensators for closed loop systems to meet given specifications. Students describe different approaches to discrete control using common system components and tools and present practical implementations of the controllers using passive and active circuits and discrete processes. They document their modelling and analysis of control systems in a professional manner, and work productively and professionally, both as individuals and in teams.
A compulsory residential school is provided to promote development of course learning outcomes.

Course at a glance
Career: Undergraduate
Credit points: 6
Requisites: Prereq: ENAE12001Electrical Compoents and Modelling or ENAE12014 Digital Devices and Applications
Student Contribution Band: 2
EFTSL: 0.12500
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2012 Term Two FLEX
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