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CHIR13002 Head and Neck Presentations in Chiropractic Practice

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The student will be able to describe and differentiate between common presentations and their variants of mechanical thoracic spine pain, neck and shoulder pain, and headache. The student will synthesise the most likely working diagnosis, form a list of differential diagnoses, and identify problems not to be missed. This will derive from the student taking an effective patient history and performing directed physical, orthopaedic, neurologic examination and imaging. The student will analyse and compare the clinical evidence within a context of published evidence, then document their findings in a defendable manner. Tutorials and practical laboratories will be used to re-enforce the theoretical knowledge gained in lectures. The practical sessions specifically provide the students with the opportunity to develop the unique set of psychomotor skills required for the practice of chiropractic and the opportunity to develop practical clinical skills in human functional assessment.

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Career: Undergraduate
Credit points: 6
Requisites: CHIR12003 Low Back Presentations in Chiropractic Practice
Student Contribution Band: 2
EFTSL: 0.12500
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